Extension Activity

  • KVK also establishes functional linkages with other related organizations. It actively participates in extension activities like Exhibitions, field days, seminars, Kisan Melas and also contributes in mass Media like All India Radio and Doordarshan programmes, publishing popular articles and Extension Literature like folders, booklets, technical reports etc. It also conducts village surveys for assessing the technological gaps and training needs of farmers, rural youth and farm women and offers technical guidance to needy farmers

  • To achieve its objectives KVK, Dehradun has successfully implemented various demonstration projects directly benefiting the farming community by conducting multifarious extension activities like organizing skill-imparting training programmes, frontline demonstration, on-farm-trials, exhibitions, field Days, in coordination with other line departments of the District. It has also provided different models for initiating paradigm shift in the existing extension system by forming Farmer Clubs and integrating them with Information Technology in KVK selected villages.

  • KVK, Dehradun is giving special emphasis on commercialization of vegetables and spices, short duration fruit crops, management of pests and diseases, basmati rice, oilseed, pulses, nutrient management, livestock, fodder production, nutritional garden etc.

  • An integrated multi crop nursery at KVK farm has been developed in which quality planting material of high yielding hybrids/ varieties in vegetables are being multiplied and supplied among farming community. This KVk is also producing seeds of different crops to multiply the proven varieties so that the area under high yielding varieties could be enhanced. Besides this KVK scientists also conduct research trials time to time to reevaluate the performance and find out the area suitability of the varieties.